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Industrial Design

Saluda Triptych_No Logo.jpg

Saluda Table Collection

Two rivers meet in Columbia, SC creating a mysterious chain of islands where two bald eagles have made their home. These side tables are designed around the confluence of the Saluda and the broad rivers.

Cahaba Lily Triptych.jpg

Cahaba Spider Lily Table Collection

This endangered "Spider Lily" grows in a beautiful, yet tumultuous environment. These coffee tables represent their brief presence during the annual spring flooding on the Congaree River in Columbia, SC. 

Widgeon Triptych_No Logo.jpg

Widgeon Point Barn End Table

A preserve on lemon island of the south Carolinian coast, this barn inspired a clean lined end table, raising awareness for the Beaufort County open land trust.


Monarch Table Collection

Custom cut glass and curved maple represent the phenomenal journey of a monarch butterfly. Their lifelong trip from Canada to Mexico has been drastically affected in the last decade, contributing to the steady decline of the monarch population.

Saltworks Sculpture.webp

Saltworks Sculpture

Ocean water weathers solid rock with small mineral deposits, carving a stunning array of valleys and ridges.

These deposits are represented by polypropylene slots reducing marine grade Baltic birch creating a sculptural seating arrangement.  

Peachtree Rock Triptych.jpg

Peachtree Rock Vase

An unexpected balancing act happens in the sandy midlands of South Carolina. Our glass vase stands on a singular point while leaning toward a small rock for subtle support. 

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